Can we please TWEAK the new tarp line procedure just a LITTLE BIT?

I kno wyou traditional die-hards hate the new tarp line system. You’d much rather sleep out. But not me. I really appreciate the randomness that allows for EVERYONE to have a shot at a low number, while letting the big camps band together for their runs, too.

But the new procedue has replaced the inconveniencing of a couple hundred line sleepers with the waking up of EVERYONE in TP and WF at the ungodly hour (I know it’s ungodly because I asked her) of 6:45 am.

Now I love coffe as much as anyone, but getting in line that early just isn’t fun. And I would insist that it’s not necessary, either!

How about this? Give out the numbers during the day, after the sun has had an opportunity to shine for a bit, after we’ve been able to drag ourselves to the Portolets, after we are actually awake.

We have a couple of options. Number one, 8 am instead of 7. Or right after that day’s tarp run? Or how about during a stage break during the day? Or for a really radical idea, why not give everybody 4 numbers when you get your TP / WF wrist band?

Any other ideas out there???

I concur. I think the four numbers with the wristband or pass them out in the vendor area. 1 number per wristband. Punch a hole in the wrist band when received.

I thought you looked familiar

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I think giving them out the night before between 7pm-11pm would work fine. No mornings messed up, and everyone can be prepared for the run, with a number line-up starting an hour before gates open. If you aren’t prepared and in spot within 10 minutes of gates opening I’d say you lose your place. Just some thoughts.

I thought the morning line up in Town Park ( apart from day one) was one of the most fun parts of the day. Everyone trying to wake up, people wearing pyjama pants and coats, lots of chatter about bands, meeting new people, sharing tips, the squeal of delight ahead of you when someone drew ticket 16, the resignation and joking when you drew 325, the welcome return to camp for coffee ( at last). It was great. I don’t want to change it

Love ya John,

And I know I’ve heard that radical idea before somewhere…4 colored numbered tyvek wristbands baby!

Once kinks got worked out after first day last year, I thought it went very well.

Anyway…Unfortunately, 8am won’t work, at least not for mornings when gates open at 9 (and the time really should be consistent to avoid confusion).
If 6:45 is an issue, I can guarantee from personal experience that if nature doesn’t place a call you can’t refuse, you can exit tent 7:15-7:30 and get a number, no problem.
Given that the process takes about 45 mins to an hour, the 7 o’clock slot also allows time for trades among festivarians and time to strategize/organize before line-up.

A quick brain scan of other times during the day or night came up empty.

At this moment, tarps = “deck chairs”

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Hey John!

Other than the first day, I thought it was great. Like Ron said, we can’t go earlier as most the morning gets tied up with getting numbers. I’d prefer to go earlier. However, like Ron also said, we have heard that other idea thrown around. When you check in to get your wristband you also get numbers for each of the 4 days … done!!

Actually Mr. Anything, I think it was you who said that the most valuable thing at TBF is TIME! :flower

If the process can’t be tweaked, and remains an early morning ritual. What about we come together as festivarians and make the tarp line number process become a fun morning meet-up that exceeds Leslies memories.
For example there could be organized coffee available, breakfast snacks (insert smell of bacon here), and there will be need for proper irish cream. Just some thoughts I had while drinking a late afternoon gin and tonic.

Pretty much the thing that would help the most would be coffee, some mornings the throat was very dry while waiting in line. That said, it was a blast to go back to camp and eat, drink and hand in numbers. I learned just how seriously you North Americans take your bacon. ( I must admit, your bacon is totally delicious)

Ah, I’m missing the Duk Tapers something bad, I want my Telluride gang back together

So, I was looking at some old posts from 2007 and they talked about a kelty shade row in the back, which is something I would be interested in since I have young kids. Is this part of the tarp lottery? Do a lot of people want the kelty spots? (I am a festival virgin starting in 2019, so sorry if this question has been addressed already somewhere else.) Thanks.

Yes, they have a section roped off with signs saying “No shelters beyond this point” so the tarp runners that want a shelter up front will have to be in the lower number group (I’d say 200 is a fairly good number for kelty people). If it doesn’t matter whether you see the stage or not you can just stroll in after all the tarp runners. :thumbsup

I really wish they’d make one area for Kelty tents and one area for EZ-UP style. Those Keltys are so low that if you’re behind one, you certainly can’t see the stage. I suppose I could always get off my lazy rear and walk to somewhere where I can see when I want to but complaining is kinda fun…

Tarp run phenomenal idea #367861423971222 Wrist bands color coded red runs Thursday, blue runs Friday, etc.
Vendor carts for breakfast and a message table for early morning stiffness and foot rubs. :lol

Lots of good suggestions, IMO. I especially like the one "When you check in to get your wristband you also get numbers for each of the 4 days … done!! ".

I saw one of the posts had mentioned colored wristbands or numbers for those camping in TP/WF … but what about those of us who aren’t camping on-site but want to participate in the tarp run? I’ll probably be doing the tarp run at the next TBF for the first time in 14 years. It has been more and more difficult the last couple of years to find some ‘non-tarped’ real-estate at the festival for 2 chairs (usually adjacent to one of the walkways) … and next year, there will probably be 3 of us attending (daughter wants to go to see what the whole annual Telluride pilgrimage thing is all about :wink: ).

So, that being said; I only ask that, if there is a change to the ‘6:45 am showtime for a number’ process; it be sure to contain provisions for those of us not staying ‘on-site’.



Those not camping at Warner/TP, have their own line, and there are no numbers. Those that get in line first, get into the festival first.
We camped offsite at Ilium in 2016, and I took the first bus into town on both Friday and Saturday, and had no problem finding real estate behind the sound booth, but still in low chair only area.

rme … thank you for the clarification/information and sharing your experience. I’m not looking for close to stage/low-back chair area … usually try to find a spot 50 - 75 feet behind the low-chair area. We have, so far, always been able to find small areas between/adjacent to tarps to accommodate a couple chairs … but its been tougher the last few years.