Can we park a 25 ft camper van in Mountain Village during TBF50?

Not unless you know someone who lives there and has an extra barricade pass. Plus, the town of Telluride doesn’t allow camping in your vehicle in town during the festival. You’d have to go to a campground out of town somewhere.

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Seperate question I’m hoping @TellurideTom can answer. If im only attending 1 day of TBF (Saturday) and am going to stay in Ouray on the days before and of the festival, is there ample parking for people to drive into Telluride? Or will i be needing to park elsewhere and shuttle into town?

You will be directed where to park for the day and either take a shuttle to Town Park, or take the gondola down from Mountain Village depending on where parking is available. The shuttles are free so you won’t need to pay for a shuttle from Ouray.

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Thanks Tom! Of all the other thinking, it never occured to me there might be a shuttle from Ouray to Telluride. Much less, a free one!

Thanks for the info. I’d imagine a camper pass for one of the festival campgrounds would require a miracle at this point.

The shuttles are free from parking in Telluride, not from Ouray. You would have to pay for a shuttle from there or Ridgway or Montrose. I’m sorry if you were confused by my statements.

Got it! That makes more sense. Thanks for the clarity!