Can I change my user name?

I have been “Mark of Bloomington” since I joined this forum. This summer my wife and I retired and moved from Bloomington, Indiana to Longmont, Colorado. I wanted to move to Lyons, but I was not a good enough musician. “Mark of Bloomington” does not make much sense anymore. I cannot see where to edit my user name in my profile.

Send a PM off to BluegrassDustin or BluegrassBrian and they can change it for you.

Thanks TT. I need to come up with a new name first. I guess I could always just use my real one.

I have to say, I’ll miss your name. My family moved from Indiana to Montana a year before I was born. My mom’s from Shelbyville and my dad’s from Franklin. I still have a ton of family in Indiana that I don’t get to see enough and your name always reminds me of them. Welcome to the west!