Can friends pick me up in TP

Just wondering Hooch and friends. Since even my CO pals are lame and I had to sell my three TP passes that I was fortunate enough to win, am coming alone To TBG. On Monday my lame CO friends will pick up me up after the festival. Allegedly we are going going to climb some big peaks etc , if I can still do this after drinking gallons of beer for three days and dancing around in the sun for four days.

Anyway, can they drive in to TP to pick me up on Monday morning? Where is a good spot to tell them to look for me or is there a central spot I should tell them to look for me after I pack up ( am travelling light.) Will my cell phone work
in Telluride?

Nat Roberts

Net, you r cell should work just fine. :thumbsup

Tell your friends to head into Town Park and look for the bathhouse. There are two little foot bridges there and you can cross to meet them with your gear.

Sorry you have such lame friends. :lol I’m bettin’ you’re gonna’ make a lot more friends in the next two weeks or so, and not a lame thing about them! :lol

Travel Safe!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Hope is correct. But also, TP will be a madhouse Monday morning so if you are travelling super light then it may be smart to move you and your stuff out of TP or on the fringe for them to nab you quickly. Or have them park close by, walk in on foot, and help you carry your gear out.

See you in Anti-Lame Heaven very soon!

Well… there’s a first. :lol

Thanks Hooch! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green