Campsite questions

Greetings all-
My wife and I are coming to Rockygrass for our first festival. We’re from Boulder, and love camping (and went to a single day of Rockygrass last year), so we’re not too worried about what to pack for the weather, festival, and whatnot. We are camping at the on-site campground.

However, I was curious about how people usually handle storing food and drinks. Do people generally just bring a cooler or two and keep them next to their tents? Is it ok to use a camping stove at the on-site campground? We want to come up prepared, both for ourselves and to have something to contribute to the fun times. Any advice would be appreciated.

It’s going to be hard to focus at work this week…


Most people have a few coolers of food and beverages, yes.

It’s also perfectly ok to use a camping stove. Just be mindful of the grass and all the tents and such around you.