Hi all! First timer to the Folks and will be camping onsite. I notice that you can show up the Sunday before to get in line…i presume to get a “good” spot. What’s everyone’s take on when to get there, where to camp, tips on bringing the kids, etc? Grazie! :thumbsup

If you got in line Sunday, you’d be one of the first that’s for sure. Thursday early afternoon will still get you a number in the 90-low 100’s which will get you a great spot. but then there are a lot of good spots, I guess it just depends on where you want to be.

The field where you wait in line is a big pile of dirt and scraggly grass and rocks with no shade to park under, but it’s right with a playground and the river to cool off in. Bring an inner tube!

Depending on what age the kids are, there is one of the best spots to play pinball in Colorado in town which you can walk to. And it has a/c. Lots of room to play outside the Wildflower Pavilion inside the fest if the kids need to run around without jumping on people. glowsticks, toys, and lots of snacks seem to help our kids too.

Have fun!