Camping wristbands &rules

I am a first time camper at Mary E for telluride, and am wondering how the wristband checks work.
I have friends in another camping area and wondering what the rules are for visiting and hanging out in our camping area at night and between shows, etc. If anyone can send me how they handle this id really appreciate it!

If you have a Mary E wristband, that’s the only campground you’ll be allowed into during festival. If you get there before the Planet takes over Town Park, you can hang out there, but after PB takes over, only those with TP or Warner Field wristbands will be allowed in.

Technically, Planet Bluegrass takes over Town Park on Saturday, June 11th. Wristbands are checked for both Warner and Town Park starting around 12am, June 16th.

You can visit friends before this time (for example, enjoying Rumballs on Wedneday the 15th) without a TP wristband but you are not supposed to camp in Town Park unless you have a ticket for that campground.

what about if you have a lawson hill HS wristband going to Mary E?

Lawson wristbands will only get you into Lawson and HS wristbands will only get you into the HS.

Let me remind everyone that this is how things have worked in the past and we are still waiting to find out if any changes are in store for 2011 for Town Park and Warner Field campgrounds. It has been mentioned here on the forum that there has been a meeting of the minds on the Town Park security matters of years past As far as any of us know the thoughts from that meeting are still being processed.

As of right now all we know is The High School, Lawson Hill and Mary E. Illium campgrounds are only open to the campers that actually have wrist-bands for those camping areas. This is for security reasons and to protect the campgrounds at large from folks that don’t exactly share the Festivarian Spirit we hold in our hearts year 'round.

The best options for any festi-groups that are having to camp in separate camp grounds is to make plans to meet up outside camp gates or, for even more fun, meet up inside the Town of Telluride proper. :thumbsup

Remember, no matter where you camp, amazing music and amazing times await us all at…


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