Camping TP vs Warner

Festivirgin here wondering what the pros and cons of these two campgrounds are. TP seems to have more shade and opens earlier. Warner more exposed and spacious? Either one “PARTY CENTRAL!!!l” or “Quieter vibe”? Where is parking in relation to these two?

So many questions, I know.

“Rock out with your mind open”

Warner Field is a softball field, so no shade. But it’s right next door to Town Park, the festival, bathrooms, and showers so still an excellent location. Plus you can wander Town Park looking for music late night. Being more quiet or not is probably very relative based on who you camp next to.

Warner Field is also right next to the TP tarp line. Sometimes that can be a little noisy, but then trying to sleep in TP is a challenge also. Hmmm I don’t think you could go wrong with either choice.
Beth :flower

People sleep at this festival?

If I’m not showing up till Wednesday night, is finding a spot in TP sheer fantasy? Thats why I’m sort of inclined towards Warner. But being a total Effing noooob :slight_smile: I thought I’d ask the expoits.

It may be a bit crampy but you can find a spot. Town Park has more “nooks and crannys” to squeeze into. Best bet is to wander around, make some friends nearby some open spots, see if they are available, set up camp, then hang with your new friends.

Uhhh… MrEdyoulis,

Have you secured a ticket yet for camping in either Town Park or on Warner Field? If so, your choice has already been made. There are designated tickets for each of these areas. Both areas have been “Sold Out” for quite some time.

Forgive me for pointing this out if the info was already known, but I wasn’t reading your post in such a way. Just a heads up.


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Yes, i have a TP pass waiting at WC. Depending on the responses I got, I thought about swapping it w/anotha festivarian who wants to camp in TP rather than Warner.

Peace Auntie Hope, look forward to meeting you!