camping quarters

I am brand new to rockygrass and have a camping question. We are onsite for academy and festival. Is our camping limited to either in our truck or in a tent or can we bring a camp trailer that pops up? :flower

You would have to be holding a on-site vehicle pass to keep your car (or pop-up) on-site during the festival. So pack accordingly, July is the height of the monsoon season, so afternoon (passing) showers are possible, somethimes heavy. So you’ll need to make friends with someone with cover or bring your own traps and ropes.

Yes, Redknuckles, we were fortunte enough to get a vehicle pass. Specifically - does a trailer that hooks up behind your vehicle qualify as the pop up or must it be one of those contraptions that actually sits in the bed of a pick up? If it does qualify, where would we park our vehicle or would we be allowed the vehicle AND the pop up??? Thanks for your reply!

A pop-up is fine, they will make you remove your tow car at some point (within an hour or two) without a second pass. “Anything that has it’s own license plate needs a pass” is what I’ve always been told. So your good, park your camper and you can take your car over the the offsite parking, a short walk back or the shuttle bus.

Excellent news. Thank you Redknuckles1