Camping,,lawson or mary e..hmm

Hi folks…this is a question to get opinions,
Which is better between the 2 for camping…

Mary E


Just needing to see past folls experiences,
So to choose…thanks

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Well @Firepainter Lawson pros:it is closer to and easier to get to TP from if you want to ride a bike or hike, it has a brewery very close to it. It also has showers available.
Lawson cons: packed in like sardines on top of sardines, very sparse when it comes to trees and shade.
Mary E pros: beautiful more natural surroundings, a stream runs through it, more space to setup and not packed in so tight, lots of shade
Mary E cons: further away and not as easy to get to and from TP if you want to ride a bike or hike, the shuttle runs to and from both though. No showers but like i said a stream runs through it.

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Thank you for the response,
I can always wash up in my tent…
Use water,soap…bucket,
I do not drink…so a brewery is not on my list…
I can shuttle and back…

so it sounds like you have decided on Mary E then.

If everything works out on the deal i am working on, then yes…then will other tickets,along with the camping pass

Ok Good luck with your with your deal!

Mary is by far better than Lawson!

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My family is looking for 3 camping passes, please help