Camping for Thursday only? I’m a little confused, please help!

:wave hi there! This is my brother and I’s first time to TBF and we are very excited!! We unfortunately can only go for one day this time, but still excited none the less! I have been having a hard time understanding camping options available for one day passes… on the TBF it says that the Mary E camping is ONLY for 4-day passes. Can somebody please help me understand which locations are okay for those attending just on Thursday? I am looking to buy on StubHub or Craigslist and want to make sure I get the right kind!!

I am also finding that a vehicle pass is required as well as a camping pass for each attendee…. Is this true with all of the camping spots? Thank you SO much in advance… I’m so glad I found this forum, everybody seems so helpful here! Looking forward to meeting you all <3

There is one options for a ‘one night’ camping pass - Lawson Hill - other than that, there are very limited options for a one-night stay in or around Telluride.

All camping is set up (depending upon the campground - there are 4 different camp grounds) for arrival between June 11 or so until the end of festival, departing Monday June 20

you can buy a camping pass for the Mary E or Lawson campground, they are $70-75 per person, so probably not a great option for one night. Lawson permits people with single day festival passes to camp there, but you have to find a Lawson camping pass for each person in your group. Mary E campground (formerly Illium) requires a four day festival pass plus the Mary E campground pass.

The details of all of this can be found here:

There may be options further out of town - Ridgway State Park, for example, is about 45 min-1 hour out - has a lot spots for camping. There are RV parks in Ouray where you might be able to put up a tent. There is also probably some dispersed BLM land but I don’t believe it’s all that close

And, whatever you do - DO NOT buy a ticket from StubHub (scalpers suck) or Craigslist (most like a scam and scammy scalpers suck)

Now that you are registered on this site - check out the ticket trading section in this forum - you must be logged in to see it. Getting a single day Thursday shouldn’t be that tough - a Lawson camping pass will be more of a challenge - you may also want to show up in person Thursday morning and hang out by the ticket window for the fest by the post office - a lot of ticket trading going on there as well.

Good luck!

I’m in the same boat as original poster, except for Saturday. From what I can tell, all recommended camping spots with shuttles are already full. Same with alternate camping options that take reservations through

Any tips from festival veterans?


Lawson is the only campground that permits ‘one-night stands’ . . . you still have to buy the camping pass that is good for all 4-6 nights . . . Lawson camping tickets are in short supply and high demand

Check out Ridgway State Park - - 45 min or so from Telluride, maybe an hour at night. There were at least a dozen or so spots last time I checked . . .