Camping Equipment Safety

We had one of “those” phone calls late last week so I’m just going to put this out to the Festivarian community at large, especially those of you with RV’s or campers.

Please double check any and all hoses and connections to your gas or propane cook stoves.

Here’s what happened…
The man was cooking 20 minute rice in an RV. There was a leak in the hose that fed the stove, and the hose was run from the propane tank (outside) to the stove via the area under the sink. Propane is heavier than air and evidently it only takes 17 minutes for the space under an RV sink to fill to the level of the pilot light for the stove. KABOOM!

He was blasted back 6- feet inside the RV and was lucky there was nothing sharp behind him, or on the wall that stopped him. The corner seam of the RV seperated from the blast/impact.

The blast was low from the sink/oven area and he was wearing shorts, so the burns are from the hem line of the shorts to the toes. He lived but has 3rd to 4th degree burns on both legs.

A pinhole leak in a connection or hose equals two months in the Trauma/Burn Unit… and at the very least one year out of work.

You DO NOT smell a Propane leak as you would a Natural Gas leak.

Let’s be safe out there.

Hope Lin

Hope Lin,
Are you an EMS worker?


Nope. It happened last week to someone I know. That’s all.

Now that you mention it, what kind of medical folk do we have on this board? Just curious.

Hope Lin

retired captain from fire service, lapsed CPR instructor and EMT. Currently serving as a volunteer fire lookout


A worthwhile thread worth saving… :thumbsup