camping at the outlying campgrounds

Okay, I know that TP and WF are 4-day including camping. I am reading on here that a lot of people have camping tickets for various outlying campgrounds, but they have no actual festival tickets. I understand that at the HS one must have either a 4-day pass or a daily ticket for each of the 4 days of festival, AND a HS camping pass in order to camp there at all. Is that accurate?
Can people actually camp in the outlying campgrounds without ANY festival tickets? Or do they have to have at least one day? How does this work? I know there are many opportunities for music other than inside the festival itself if a person doesn’t have all the days, so what is the minimum requirement, if any, for tickets to the festival? If, for instance, someone only has a Thursday ticket, can they still camp in those campgrounds the entire time and go to workshops and nightgrass for their musical fix? If one of the PB folks could answer this I would appreciate it.

The only “Planet Bluegrass” campsite that does not require a 4 day pass is Lawson Hill.
From what I know from other posts you can camp there if you have a single day pass, but I don’t know if you can camp there for all four days if you only have a single day festival ticket.
There are plenty of campgrounds around the area that are not under the control of Planet Bluegrass that people can camp at and still get into town for nightgrass or single day festival.
We need a confirmation from the staff on the rest of your questions. :flower

I was just looking at PB website, and most of them say they require a 4-day pass. Only one says 4-day or single-day ticket. Some of the posts on here make me question this, as several say “We have our tickets but now need camping passes.” So unless someone who was planning on camping has now decided to condo or camp in a non-PB managed campground, there really shouldn’t be that many “camping only” passes available.