Camping at Lawson RV 'park'

My questions are about the RV ‘park’ on Lawson Hill.
I have been to the Festival before, but never been at Lawson Hill. We have a small teardrop trailer (17’ total), a pickup truck, and reservations at the RV park this year. Not much info is available, other than it looks like to fills pretty full. The RV park opens days before the festival. Is it a good idea to get there when it first opens on Tues, or can we come in on Weds or early Thurs and not end up stuck in ugly?

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Pm me and I will send you a photo I took from the Lawson Hlll bus stop. Shows the RV parking area(RV Park) and the Lawson Hill ball field (Lawson Hill Campground)

I know nothing about the Lawson sites except I rode my bike past there a few times last year. But I do know from attending TBF and all the festivals I’ve ever attended, always arrive as early as you can possibly arrive, especially for TBF.
First off no matter if all the sites are perfect you’ll have better choices, even if that just means closer or further from bathrooms, bus stop, etc… Second theres just so much to do, and so many things going on prior to Wednesday nights kick off the more time you’ll have to do things non-festival, and gives you a day or two extra to adjust and settle in. I know its not always possible for everyone to have all that extra amount of time off, but if you can you should.

This is the first year in a while we won’t be bringing a RV to Lawson. They usually pack the first 5-10 trailers in pretty tight, so coming later may give you a few feet more room. BUT, they also may stick you on the non-river side, which isn’t as nice. Also, the earlier you get there, the better chance you have at parking your truck close at the upper lot (you won’t be able to park your truck by the trailer). The volunteers will place you regardless of your preference, and they’ll move you if you park before they place you.

All in all, it’s a great lot and all the RV peeps are nice. You’ll have a great time.

Also this kernstb NEEDS to find a Lawson RV pass and quit acting like he and his family are really skipping TBF 45. :mad

Talks are currently in progress…

You and Sam have space in the tent, right?

Sure, she doesn’t let me in there half of the time anyway.