Campfires at Lawson Hill?

Can you have campfires at Lawson Hill? :cheers :flower

Nope. :burn

Mary E. Illium is the only campground you can have fires in the established fire rings.

…of course that is always subject to the Fire Marshall’s approval and the conditions of the valley in respect to fire danger…


At this point do you know if there are any restrictions on charcoal BBQs in Town Park?


:pirate Larry
My latest check of the forest service site lists no fire restrictions yet. I’ll make a call to the fire marshall before packing the weber. Dustin can chime in if he knows more than we do, I know he enjoys our grill from time to time… :flower


I haven’t heard anything, but I’ll see what I can find out…

Thanks. Last year camped in Mary E. but there weren’t fire allowed for obvious reasons.

The official word I just received:

"Charcoal in town park is in designated grills only. "



Stop by Run A Muck for some grilled goodies! Thanks Dustin!

Pirate, do we have a designated grill at RAM? Is Dustin referring to those sites that have an established grill that takes charcoal? :huh


The official word is that charcoal may only be used in the per-existing grills in Town Park.

How hard is it to move one? :pirate

I’m bringing my Weber (yes, the one involved in the Pork Incident :()

Can you bring two, I have to grill chicken for 30 :pirate :burn

Can anyone confirm exactly where Lawson Hill is? Trying to map my route from Phoenix ahead of time and this appears to be an illusive peice of info on the TBF site / forum. Thanks!

The first round-about you come to where highway 145 turns to the right is where Lawson Hill is.
It’s toward town from the Conoco station and the staff volunteers will direct you to it.