Camp space for 1? / bc ski prtnr

Just learned that I will be volunteering and do not know any others going to the fest. Parking is really my concern, though. will prob do my shifts, see select shows but plan to ski most other times.
any other skiiers taking some time above the fest?
Thus, I will not be loafing around your site very often. I can share whatever necessary site costs. Very much appreciated. Cheers,

  • Phil B

There will actually still be skiing?

What campground are you in? Need to know whether you have tickets for Town Park, Warner Field, Lawson Hill, Illium, High School, etc. If’n you’re in Town Park, we can make room for you no problem.

absolutely. you just have to walk far and high for it, what with >125% this winter. high elevation snow tonight and tomorrow!

So, i no sleeping arrangements and have figured i would head up towards Ophir to camp somewhere. However, a spot in town to crash would be fantastic, as i may be tempted to enjoy some beers with my bluegrass. Thanks Bevin. cheers,

  • Phil

If there is new snow (and it looks like there may be) you want to check the avalance control number (970) 387-5712 before heading out in the backcountry. I’m sure you already know this, but sometimes excitement can overtake common sense.
You can go here for more info:
The snowpack is very unstable now, so please exercise extreme caution and good judgement.

thanks, i’ll check things out. I’ve had exp w/ a couple slides. Not fun! Things are stable up here in WY at present. any hills that you recommend?

  • phil

Making room for one more person - that is the true festivarian spirit! (Wish everyone had your character).

It’s a FESTIVUS Miracle!

well, i think we are all pretty good at finding room for one more.! however, I can’t tell from reading this thread if the “Town Park ticket” part has been made clear?

or am i just lost again?


Luanna, I think it sounds like medbow is winging it on the camping/lodging side of things. But if he finds his way into the campground, we’ll make him feel at home :slight_smile:

you betcha we will!