camp or lodge?

camp or lodge? two older women (somewhat pampered people)…we could camp, but at the end of the day, we like to comfy/cozy…is there reasonable lodging? is parking a pain if you stay out of town? we could rough it but would rather not. any suggestions??? we’re coming from arkansas.

been to TBF twice before…is this smaller? and if so, by how much?

Yes it’s smaller but by how much I’m not certain…

If you want to be social and have some after hours fun and yer hardy ladies I say camp…But due know there might be rain and prepare yourself(gear)…

Hotels are very close by if you prefer, nice ones…I guess it just all depends on what your looking for…

We always used to camp and loved it. But now we only get a few days off for fun a year and not too willing to
ruff it at any fest… we keep trying to find ways to make it easier=more fun… :flower

So when you say yer older, I think you better retrack that statement. If yer able and willing to go to fest than gee, old?
What’s up with that? :hug :vibes

Ha. Let’s say we’re “feeling” too old for Bonnaroo (sp?) and Wakarusa…but we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Del and Hot Rize…would go anywhere to see them.

Get ready girls yer gonna love the whole scene… relaxed, not overcrowded…PBG is very good vibe builders…
The river will wash away your cares the music will fill up your soul and the people will make you believe there is peace on earth good will to man… Fest parking is easy, the shuttel is free and frequent…

Below is a link from our website to some information about hotels nearby. :flower

I’m Debi. I’m just now opening my B & B in downtown Lyons. It’s a cozy private room with one double bed, in my historic house with an Asian touch on Main St. Shared bath. Parking in back. 3 block walk to Planet Bluegrass. ATM/bank/restaurant across the street. 1-2 blocks to parks, river, and other shops and restaurants. Continental breakfast included. Great front porch.
No smoking inside, and no pets.
If you’d prefer separate beds, one of you could sleep on the sofa in the living room, which is a very comfortable twin size. $60/night for one person, $70/ night for two people. If you’re staying for more than 3 nights, I’ll give you a break in price.
Hope to hear from you !
The Language Shop B & B

These B&B options seem to give you the best of both worlds. Cozy and quiet at night, but close - really close - to all the action in the campgrounds. A perfect choice for those on the fence about camping. You’re still in the middle of it all and don’t have to miss a thing to get back to your room and grab another layer, or whatever. But clean showers, quiet rooms… It’s even tempting me!


This pimp pic is too fun. i mean it!

Hi ladies.
I don’t camp- I like to be a bit pampered, and even though I miss out on the sense of coummunity by not camping, it’s ok. I stayed in Longmont, it’s not that far and is a straight shot up the highway. There is a Marriott Courtyard, which is where I stay, and also a Staybridge suites.

Last year was my first time at Rocky Grass and loved it.

Hopefully this has been helpful to you

We landed at a B&B in Longmont…hope we can limp there from the festival. glad to hear it is an easy drive?

More questions…who knows the laws and the lay of the land for the tarp run? just how early do you have to get there to get a spot up close?

I’m not sure on times etc, but I read somewhere once your chairs in place it stays there for the duration of Rockygrass? :clap :hop


There’s a daily tarp run to get your space for a tarp and chairs. :cheers

OOps! Can you tell me what time the tarp runs are? :slight_smile:

It’s a bit more involved than get there early for an up close tarp spot.
More relevant than what time is the tarp run, is usually How long and late must one stay up the night before
to get in the lottery to be in the tarp run.

the night before between xx pm and xx am there will be a line that forms, everyone in the line will draw a number for access the next morning. Next morning everyone lines up and are admitted in order
to place their tarp. It takes quite an effort to be in the tarp run, and everyone should experience it at least
once. Though once it’s over, If you are not part of a large group that needs a specific area, you are welcome
to sit on any unused tarps or chairs in the festival. When the owners return, you then become life long friends
with them and relinquish their seats back. My wife and I spend a fair amount of time in really good seats thanks to those who ran the tarps and are too tired to see all the festival. A larger group is another matter. It is a source of pride where your clan’s tarp lands.

All in good fun, and good fun it is.

If you search the forum for tarp run, you will find days of reading material. :thumbsup

Can you park close to the site? or is there a ban on parking in the town?

If you don’t have a vehicle pass you will be asked to park your car at Bohn park next to olson campground. It’s about a 10 minute walk or they provide a shuttle to and from the festival…

Thanks BB, :cheers