Camp Grounds 2018


Howdy All,

Any word on campground options this year? From what I understand Riverbend won’t be an option. Too bad. Love it there. Please update with any current info as it becomes available.

Thanks, Tut :cheers

According to the site it seems like Riverbend will still be an option for 2018

Does anyone know anything about what camping will be like at the Planet Bluegrass Farm, the new replacement for Bohn Park? What is the space like? What about facilities for water, toilets, etc? Any info would be great!

I would love to try out the farm this year, but opening Thursday is too late…

Oh, I missed the part about opening on Thursday. That’s a deal breaker for us too.

The planet bluegrass farm is a really nice property, in my opinion It’s on the river on the south side of Hwy. 36, just west of the bridge over N. St. Vrain Creek. It’s large so I’m hoping that camping won’t be nut-to-butt like in the other campgrounds. It’s an easy walk (or float) to the festival from there as well. There’s a farmhouse on the property so it remains to be seen how they carve it up for vehicles and tents.


Getting pumped folks! Historically, can anyone tell me what time Meadow Park usually opens to campers the Sunday before (22nd)? I have SCI tickets that evening and need to plan. Oh yeah!

Looks like lavern johnson opening time TBA. Not sure why it needs to be so mysterious.
I hope its not like last year where they opened up way after the posted time and all the campsites along river were already moved into…hmm…

Also regarding Meadow Park/Laverne…

I am going to vehicle camp in my van but wont arrive til lae Thursday/Early Friday. Is it possible to come early in the week and claim my vehicle3 spot without leaving the vehicle? Like with a tarp? I know this works for the tents, but not sure with vehicle. Thanks!

so sunday 7/22, 11am posted time now for laverne johnson park yay!!

Sign at the PB Farm entry gate says it’ll be open for lineup on Sun 7/22 but the RG website says this “Please remember: Vehicles MAY NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 9:00AM at the Planet Bluegrass Farm on Thursday, July 26th (and with this lottery procedure there is absolutely no benefit to arriving any earlier!”

What gives? This is confusing. Perhaps they refer to lineup for Academy?

Academy camping lines up and enters on Sunday (7/22). They fill the NE portion of the campground.
Thursday for regular on site lineup. Sure looks like this will be a much better process. Hope it goes well.

wow 11am open time for laverne johnson, we manged a pseudo riverside spot, 3 families and we are happy!!!
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