Camp Gear List

The latest and greatest Camping Gear List for our crew. Hope this helps some other festivarians.

In PDF format:

I really like this list

Nice job with the list :cheers

:wave Great job! :thumbsup

But where is the foot slave, or is that just a Run a Muck anomaly???


:thumbsup Very nice, thank you! So you don’t bring your own “Foot Slave” like Hippie Jerry? We’ll see you @ the hunt then! :horsey :horsey

Damn, he beat me to it, again…nice work Hippie!

This is very similar to a subset of our list.

The other 2 pages of our list is all the stuff for the kids!

Hey Rob! :wave

Well, he did say foot balm…or is it foot BLAM!

Hippie I put “Foot Balm” on the list but I’m not sure about having a “Foot Slave.” Sounds kinky.

Jeff- I want to see your other 2 pages

Ok Debbie…I’ll see if I can consolidate this weekend (It’s currently the one page we have lept on the computer for a few years, and a couple of hand-scrawled notebook pages of notes from last year)

Thank you for the helpful list. :slight_smile:

Great list Rob. Thanks.
I would love to see the other two pages for kids as well. This is our first trip with a little one.

Run a Muck is an anomaly :thumbsup

you say kinky like it’s a bad thing?

I’ve lost a page somewhere, but here’s what we’re working off of this year

Just one question Jeff…

What are “Mad Mats”?

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

We’ll show you this year :slight_smile:

They’re mats someone introduced us to that we use like indoor/outdoor carpeting to keep the dirt down some in our little hollow. They’re pretty, and VERY easy to sweep off, since they’re a mesh made out of recycled plastic.

Whoa! I just googled “Mad Mats”.
Very interesting, they have a ton of patterns.
I’d like to take a look at these.

I just officially worked my way through every item on this list and I have to say, this one is going in the permanent file.

Really nice list. Even has “Pirate costume” in there. Fabulous. Highly recommended.

And it fits on one page. :medal

Great list. One thing I add for the car list is to check the route for road construction to anticipate delays and detours. :cheers