Camp Chairs

I could use some advice on camp chairs without arms that lend themselves to pickin’. :pickin :peace Any suggestions?

:thumbsup Check this one out:

Cabellas wooden camp stool

Or get in touch with Cindy Lou, her buddy Dan has a cool design that uses recycled materials.


Thanks Jerry. I was kind of hoping for one with a back.

He’s supposed to be working on one with a back. I’ll see if I can light a fire under him to get this done, and if he makes one, you can try it out! I have some non-foldable chairs that would work, but I don’t think I could transport them, unfortunately.

Ma and Pa Biddle have some killer chairs. I think they even purchased them from PB years ago. They’re like these : . Comfortable and they travel flat (seat comes out and then stows next to back.

Wow. This one looks sweet!

how about this one?

those are really neat, but says they’re not for sale, unfortunately.

I think he wants some that are regular chair height for pickin’. Although, if you fall out of those low ones it’s not so far before you hit the ground! :lol :lol

Thanks Adam, I tried one off those. The back bars dig in to your back. What do the other pickers out there use?

If you do a search from the above menu, and type in “camp stools” it will take you to the photo of the ones he made. I rescued another broken chair from the dumpster so he can make some more. I’ll be bringing the 2 we already have, so you can at least try them.

Thanks Cindy! :wave

Harbor freight had some Armless folding camping chairs for $5 each.

All this talk of camp chairs has got me wondering if Target or Walmart will have any by the time we get to Boulder/Denver/Lyons

That’s a big mutha of a chair :eek :eek :slight_smile: