camera specifics + in/out?

hey all, i’ve been searching the site and the forum for details on this, but can’t seem to find any. forgive me if i’ve overlooked them.

it seems regular cameras are completely fine, yes? but what about cameras with detachable lenses? i know most venues don’t allow them but the fine folks of telluride seem pretty lax.

also, say i don’t want to lug the thing around all day. i don’t really know what the grounds look like or where parking is (i gather it’s not really close) but can we wander back to our cars during the day to drop stuff or are we in for good once we’re in?

anyway, very excited about this. will be my first time there (obviously).

yes…detachable lenses are fine. i usually take a bag full of camera equip in with me and shoot photos all day long.

i’d post a link to my 2007 TBF photos here, but thats too much like tooting my own horn. if you’d like to see them, pm me and i can send a link. there may be several of you in them! :cheers

and…you can leave and return to the festival at will. just make sure you get stamped on the way out!

have a blast!

brilliant! thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Hey Long Live,

You might be able to use the instrument check, located in Festival grounds at the lost and found. You could tell them its a Lute!

They’s a pretty cool there :thumbsup

a lute! hehe. cheers.