Cadillac Sky - Final show of the spring...

Just one more show on Planet Bluegrass before we pack up all the gear and head to Telluride… One more chance to enjoy a bonfire next to the St. Vrain River… One more chance to hear some kickin’ bluegrass in our intimate but lively Wildflower Pavilion… One more chance for a few brews and some popcorn while relaxin on the high chairs on the Pavilion patio - stars overhead, bluegrass coming from the stage just a few feet away… :cheers

This Friday night, May 15, we welcome back Cadillac Sky for their third appearance on Planet Bluegrass. Two years ago they knocked us out in their flight suits on the RockyGrass main stage (and jamming til 3am in the campground), then last summer they bared their chests after a ferocious version of “Wish I Could Say that I Was Drinkin” from the Telluride stage. :eek

It’s safe to say they’ll have something crazy in-store for Friday night. New guitarist David Mayfield (watch this video) will certainly be part of the craziness. But I’m betting that’s just the beginning. :wink:

Doors open at 7pm. Kort McCumber. Cadillac Sky hits the stage at around 8:45pm. And we can “trust the weatherman” that it’ll be a perfect spring evening…

Need more enticing? Check out this manic video from their fantastic new album:
Or watch a couple live videos from last year’s Telluride stage:

These guys do twin fiddle/banjo leads like I’ve never heard. Great songs, fresh arrangements, and an undeniably joyous energy. Hope to see you on friday night…

Grab your tix here:

Wow I can’t believe I have only made one show so far, bummer :frowning:
Seems like the perfect thing for me to do when the hubby is on the road (I enjoy live performance much more than he) but the timing never works out correctly.

Gone all week and will be back Thursday and Friday he is dog tired…

I hope to make this last show. No door tickets for those who make last minute dicisions??

We’re expecting a big crowd, but we’ll definitely have tickets at the door. Come on down at the last minute - I promise you guys will have a blast! :thumbsup :thumbsup

I’m sooo glad I’m in fer sure I need a break in a huge way. Door tickets right on !!! :medal :flower :cheers

:thumbsup :thumbsup Those boys sure did capture all my attention, really know how to put on a great show!! :thumbsup :thumbsup

I am so curious now about the bouzouke(spelling) Mandolin, that was just so cool…

Just wanted to say thanks and I am so excited to get the show on the road for TBF.

So I’m brave enough to give everyone a hug now but Ferg and hes the one we all need to really thank…someday I’m gonna give that man the biggest hug :hug :dog Thanks PBG… :flower :medal

P.S. The ranch grounds were just so beautiful, green and lush, groomed to perfecton :medal
What a perfect setting for a Wedding, just breathtaking.

I never notice how really stunning that ranch was till last night, I guess cause there were no people taking up the grounds. :flower

Some great photos of the Cadillac Sky show courtesy of Josh Elioseff… :thumbsup