Buying Beer near Telluride

Hello Festivarians,

WE are soo freaking stoked!!! My family and I are making the road trip from Oregon to Telluride. I have been to the festival before, but was hoping someone could tell me where in CO. on the way (from Moab, Utah 90/145), is the best beer selection that is fairly reasonable? Or does Telluride have reasonable prices on beer? I’ll be bringing some delicious Pacific NW Microbrew as well… : Also do the telluride breweries/alehouses fill growlers and bout how much (If anyone knows)?

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”-Ben Franklin :cheers

I’d stock up in Moab. Even though the prices in Telluride are a bit higher they’re not unreasonable, and sometimes Telluride Liquors has imports on sale.
Smugglers Brewpub has some great beers available for growler purchase.
I’m not sure if they require you use their growlers or not, but they are reasonable.

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I think if you travel through Naturita, there is a good liquor store there and colorado beer is much better than Utah beer. You could travel through Grand Junction and Montrose, or Norwood, and get beer. I am not certain of the liquor laws in Utah, but it used to be that beer was only 3.2%. Does that still hold true?

If coming thru Grand Junction and taking Hwy 50 down, Off of interstate 70, take the 24 rd exit and go south to the 2nd traffic light. Left for a quarter mile to the Fisher Liquor Barn. Huge place and a great selection and prices. This is were all the Utah folks come to buy their booze, damn closet mormans! The folks there can guide you on through town and south on 50 to To-Hell-U-Ride! :cheers
Safe journey and if in Town Park, stop by the Jailhouse and say “Howdy”!

Bring NW beer, I would.

Anything you buy in Utah will be limited to 3.2 or 4% if microbrews. The exception are the state liquor stores which has full strength beers, but the beer will be warm and the prices high. The only good thing is they sell the beers individually so you can try many different beers per outing.

If you fill up your trunk with NW beers I will trade you a bunch of Utah Homebrews at the show.

Telluride has several fine, well-stocked liquor stores and I’ve found the prices quite reasonable.

If Utah beers are limited to 3.2 or 4.0 I’d just head to Colorado.
Stop in Grand Junction or Montrose, or wait until you get to Telluride.
What the hell, you’re on vacation… have fun. :cheers

Im Not Typeing This
keep in mind State Line Rules …
Colorado has Laws about Bring out of State Licquor
in …think its called Bootlegging

That must make Mr ABGAT a trafficker :lol :lol :lol

Seriously folks… All of the beer in Utah is 3.2 or something near that. I really like the little liquor store on the south side of the road as you leave Naturita, nice friendly people and they always give me free ice, it was for sale the last time I passed through so you’ll have to wait for an update next week. Better yet make friends with your camp neighbor when you arrive, most of us are homebrewers with beers that will put most any commercial brew to shame. You can’t throw a stone, not that you’d want to, without hitting a homebrew keg pretty much anywhere in the festival campgrounds.

The prices —AND selection in Telluride are really quite competitive for the really good “specialty” brews. If you’re looking for PBR just buy it at home and haul it out in your trunk :cheers


You not sayin’ there’s something the matter with PBR, are you Hippie? :drunk

I’m just wondering how many 30 packs I’ll need for Cataract Canyon.


Seein’ as how you’ll be holding on with both hands most of the time, and since you’ll probably only be able to drink when you’re off the boat, you might not want to overdo it.

I’ve rarely seen a problem of someone without beer at TBF. seems to be growlers, street scene, festiground and town beer practically everywhere.

A friend of mine figure the extra fuel cost of him bring beer for 1,000 a miles due the weight was more than extra cost of the beer in Telluride. I don’t even pack more than a six pack from Denver any more, just too much else to bring to bring what can be gotten for a reasonable price a mile from camp. Just my opinion though!

Hi Hippie,
Any suggestions on how to set up a HB keg in the campground? I’d like to bring one or two but not sure about keeping it cold enough or being home (Lawson Field) enough to drink it. I sure wish they would allow me to carry it into the show. :cheers

:wave WOW That is a big question…

Minimally I have used a round Gott cooler, it holds a 3 or 5 gallon soda keg just fine. Surround the keg with ice and cover it with a damp towel. Use a hand pump to dispense the beer with a hand tap. drain the melted ice water as needed.

For more taps we bring a jockey box. Ours is a converted stainless Coleman cooler with dual taps and stainless coils inside. Hook the beer kegs up with a CO2 tank in line and fill the cooler with ice. Use a damp towel over the cooler and the kegs to keep everything cool. Be sure to turn off the CO2 tank when leaving, Many folks simply cannot resist an open tap.

Try this out at your next fest!