But do the folks at the Bluegrass Hotel eat bacon?

And how do they feel about the grease bomb?


If this stuff is gonna play out on our forum we might as well start asking our own questions…

Hey, that’s sweet!

Unfortunately I would assume that the Bluegrass Hotel does not allow grease bombs in or around their grounds since ‘historic’ things (hotels) are typically also quite flammable.

For general info: THIS thread is meant as a JOKE! DO NOT DRAG US INTO YOUR CRAP! :evil

Love the Bacon Bomb, Jess! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

That’s right dammit! I don’t wanna see any PDF’s of anybody’s letters from their lawyers on my thread. If you have to consult an attorney regarding the content of this thread something is seriously wrong with you.

First off…read the constitution man…no where in there is any discussion about the legality of exploding pig fat. NOTHING. Not one freakin’ word. And remember your high school government class - all rights not expressly spelled out are reserved for the states. So you see you don’t need a lawyer to tell you it’s ok to ignite grease bombs.

Now I’m willing to concede to Hooch the idea that perhaps NOT in an historic building. But I wasn’t suggesting that they do grease bombs at the Bluegrass Hotel I was just asking what they thought about them.

And you don’t need a freakin’ attorney to answer that question.

No attorneys on my thread!

It’s Monday - I mean it. I always mean what I say on Monday!

Wow! Good Monday rant, Jess. I’m afraid to say anything after that…except this:

Yay Bacon!

I am in a feisty mood today. I like it. :evil

Can I provide you a listing of people to go stab with your pitchfork tail while you are in the feisty way?

I’d rather be in a Festy way than a feisty way. :flower

I Kinda like the Feisty Festy !!!

Does it count that I stopped at White Castle on the way back to Nashvegas from Louisville? Is that greasey enuff.
cowvox :evil

Do they serve bacon on those White Castle burgers? Huh? No bacon…no count.

And I’m sorry you gotta be able to make one of these afterwards…trust me…I’m an expert

Come boating with me sometime, you’ll see. :evil

I’m with Jess. No, White Castle does not qualify. You’re better off with a sausage and pepperoni pizza at The Station Inn. Now with that we could make a decent Pork Bomb! :lol

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Is it only me
Doest anyone else thinks The Cow needs a 420…

I need to quit reading this thread unless I already have bacon in-hand. I’m now hungry at work without bacon anywhere in sight. What this town needs is an emergency bacon delivery service. Ooooh…business idea!

Well isn’t it fitting that this is my 420th post?!!!?!?!! :pipe

I’ll stick with ya on this one…I am quite fond of the 420 rating! (not sure why!??) :angel

Done Ron & Connie. Much Love Cowvox! :thumbsup

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:wave Click me: ---->Knock Knock

thanks Jerry! I LOVED Captain Kangaroo…those side burns of his were HOT! Imagine holding onto those suckers while he buries…

Oh never mind :evil

Jess, I think YOU need to go sit in the corner this time… :wink:

Fine, if I have to. But I’m taking the Cap’n with me! :evil