on Letterman tonight with Patty Griffin

the coolest.

I’m totally bummed she’s not with Peter & Tony for TBF this summer. Who is playing bass with them now, anybody know?

According to the forum on Peter’s website, it is Mike Bub.


During Springfest they had this lady, whose name is slipping my mind, on the bass and she plain sucked. I’ve seen the quartet several times and they were at their worst w/ her. In the program it said she was a classically trained bass player and she was new to the bluegrass world. You could tell rowan, rice and Sharon were pissed she was up there. During the Sunday set this guy yelled out "bring back Bryn” It was pretty funny.

I hope Mike Bub is playing w/ them now because he would be a huge bonus over the other chica.

Just my opinion though
I’ll dig around for the program that listed her name.

Bobby b

Catherine Popper was her name.

I think Peter R should call hisself Peter and his Pert Party Players!

Unfortunately, Mike has not updated his calendar to include the TBF (yet), but he did mention it in his blog! Check out his cool myspace page.

Unfortunately it was Catherine Popper. She has no groove and missed changes in standard Peter Rowan songs. Her solos were OK but that’s not what it’s about! Groove is EVERYTHING.

That’s a shame.

I fell in love with Bryn at Merlefest 2006; she played with just about every act I saw. Later I was pleasantly surprised to see her in Patty Griffin’s band at a show here in Tucson. She’s the best, and she lights up the stage with her enthusiasm.

But Catherine Popper was very good in the Cardinals, especially on Cold Roses. I guess she must have been out of her element and unfamiliar with the material.

When I die, I want to come back as Bryn’s bass

…(have you seen her tatoo)…

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase F-Hole…