Bringing food and drink into the festival?

I’m wondering if any food or drinks are allowed into the festival grounds? What do you do for lunch and dinner if you don’t want to buy from the vendors?
Also, is it all cash transactions in the festival, or can we use cards for some purchases?

You are allowed to bring food & snacks & even drinks into the festival. No glass or alcohol though. Please use recycleable containers :thumbsup I do believe it is all cash transactions at all the food vendors except the store where they sell the t-shirts, CD’s, etc. You can use a credit card there.

This raises the question, why would one want to bring food into the festival when there is the killer flank steak?

Yes, as mentioned before, you can bring in stuff.
As to why someone might not want flank steak, any number of reasons including dietary restrictions, monetary restrictions, not wanting to stand in line when they can have lunch at hand, etc.
I used to bring my own in, and I remember that a wet cloth in a baggie and a towel were especially useful for before and after handling food.
Plus, it’s FUN to plan a picnic and pull out all the goodies from the pick-a-nic basket and hear the oohs and ahhs from the neighbors. :popcorn

I’m not sure about the food vendors, but some of the vendor tents like Mama’s Home Tye-Dye will take cards. I want to say I’ve paid for food with a card before, but I don’t remember. Dustin, Brian, any idea?

I know I’m gonna get it for this, but at least 3/4 of the food there is bad for you on so many levels … let alone if one has dietary restrictions (as CL mentioned). It’s not exactly cheap either, except compared to Telluride restaurants. Nonetheless, there is a decent enough variety that there will almost certainly be something for even the most finicky of eaters, myself included.

Having said that, I normally bring snack food inside and eat at least one meal per day from a stand.