Bring a local cover or two...

I’ve been playing Kelly Brightwell’s “Rain and the Radio” out here in the Boston area (and people love the song) and it got me thinking. I’m going to be learning and playing some songs written by friends that don’t come to SS. I think it would be a neat idea for other folks to bring a song from someone they admire in their local area and play it around the song circles.

Any takers?


Hey Rob,
I’ve done a version of that since I first started coming to SS in ‘97. I’ve also recorded songs I first heard in the canyon written by other students who rarely played-out, I call them “Found Songs” and one of my greatest joys is spreading these, would-be unheard gems around to others. Sadly, had to cancel this year,(grab it up quick someone) but look forward to next year. Have a ball and lots o’ love to all the forum readers. Be well, Garry R