Breakfast at RockyGrass

We’re trying to bring a minimal amount of things this year and are wondering what is available nearby for a quick breakfast. Are any of the onsite food booths open in the morning to sell breakfast or do you have to go into town? Are there places to grab a quick breakfast burrito and a coffee as opposed to doing the whole sit-down thing? In past years, we’ve attempted to cook pretty much every meal. It seems like I’m always the one slaving over the grill and cleaning up, so I’m happy to spend a little more $ to get most of our food there. We’re not too concerned about lunch and dinner, but just want to make sure we can easily get the most important meal of the day without waiting in line for 30+ minutes or spending an arm and a leg. :slight_smile:

Stone Cup is great for pastry, coffee, breakfast burritos etc. closest in-town establishment to on site, maybe 5 minute walk?

The make a pretty good rum smoothie, too . . . :evil

Assuming everything in town is as it was, there are several places for light breakfast and take-out. Some of the booths on site, in the past, also had breakfast burritos etc. We’ve camped out a number of times and basically either did the booths or walked into town. I’m with you- we’re here to have fun, not do kitchen chores! And it wouldn’t hurt to help the local businesses either at this juncture.

Burritos at the Stone Cup are great! You pass it as you’re walking to the festival.