Box Office Open?

I hear the box office is opening earlier this year. Does anyone know the hours and if they are actually open already?

For 2022, the Box Office will be located in its traditional spot where E. Pacific Ave. ends near the Post Office. The 2022 Box Office hours are:

Saturday, 6/11: 12pm - 4pm
Sunday, 6/12: 12pm - 4pm
Monday, 6/13: 12pm - 4pm
Tuesday, 6/14: 10am - 5pm
Wednesday, 6/15: 10am - 10pm
Thursday, 6/16: 8am - 10pm
Friday, 6/17: 9am - 10:30pm
Saturday, 6/18: 8am - 10pm
Sunday, 6/19: 9am - 9pm

Does anyone have a phone number or email for the box office, I want to confirm that my locals paper tickets from 2020 canceled festival are still good.
Thanks in advance, Rick

What’s a phone number for the box office?