The Draft house has got some Bluegrass goin on I see…

where did you go? :huh

Who was playing? :8

I thought that’s where you were talking about. I hadn’t heard it called “Draft House”…they are going by the name Colorado Brewing Company, or something…right?

I know they are supposed to get a new sound system, hopefully they’ll deal with the acoustics, too.

We’re both right. :wink:

Hope they fix the acoustics. The old Redfish wasn’t THAT bad…it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. I’m sure it sounds much different with the modifications they made. I should go check it out.

hey all,
Good to hear your comments on the venue. Always looking for better ways to improve our venue.
Here is some info for you about the new business.

  • We did upgrade all of the sound system. The quality is far greater than the redfish.
  • The back room has a really good sound to it, but the quality does get lost as it travels through the middle and to the front of the house. Not much can be done at this time, but we are working on that.
  • Due to the new layout, we are able to get more people in the best sounding area plus have more high table seating in the middle area for music consumption and conversation. Its a nice buffer and community area that most places can’t offer.
  • Over the next few months or so, after we receive more feedback from bands and guest, we will adjust and upgrade the way the sound travels.
  • last Saturday with Moonshiner, we did have a feedback problem, but that was due to the stage set up not the house sound system. After the mics, instruments and on stage amps were adjusted, it was much better.

And… lastly, we want to make sure that all of the Boulder community and surrounding towns know that we will carry “Fast Grass” every Saturday night. Also, there will be occasional bluegrass shows on Thursday nights… like tonight with the Stanley Tones… and in the future with Pete Wernick.

Thanks for coming by and we hope to bring the festival atmosphere indoors at the Boulder Draft House.
Jim - Owner/Partner

Lots of great music comin our way by way of the boulder theater… Hot Buttered Rum, Wilco… The house will be rockin most of April… :flower Looking for something to do … Old friend coming to town … The Wildflower on the Ranch, Michell Shock she is just flat out fun (4/16)… :medal

We are so lucky, :flower