Boulder folks- check in

I’m worried about you and the fires… Hoping everyone is safe.

Sendin good vibes to the people of that area. My girlfriends aunt got evacuated from gold hill. Last we heard the fire burned right up to their backyard, but the house was missed. We were on our way up the mountain to visit them when we got turned away.


I lived in Coal Creek Canyon and WonderVu during the last half of the 1980s. I had lots Coal Creek and Nederland friends - also friends in Pinecliff and Rollinsville. In those years we flocked to Nederland for softball games each summer - including teams from Gold Hill and Sugarloaf. We had a blast. We played our pickup games on Sundays at the ballfield next to the Ned reservoir. I’m sure many of them still live in the burn area.

Yesterday’s smoke plume - as I viewed it from the north, in Ft Collins - appeared very ominous, especially during the afternoon’s windy conditions. The humidity yesterday was 11% - very dry. And we’ve had virtually no rainfall for the past several weeks. A number of structures were destroyed Monday, including the homes of four firefighters.

As a home burns in the background, a slurry bomber Monday drops fire retardant along one of the many ridges involved in the Fourmile Canyon fire west of Boulder. In addition to the three slurry planes that were in operation Monday, four more tankers will fly in today from other locations, officials said.

:frowning: WOW! Prayers and best wishes for all involved from the moist midwest! :flower

Scarry times. Literally lush and green one week and the next bone bone dry.

It appears that George Fairer, who has provided EMS services for many years at RG has lost his home. He is listed on the property list that the Sheriff just released, and he was one of the firefighters with Four Mile Fire Department who was out on the job while his house burned. I’m unsure how to reach george, but perhaps the folks at PB can assist and see if we can do anything for him.

The immediate staff here on the planet are safe.

Many of our friends and family have lost their homes.

Send thoughts of rain and cool weather.

It looks like there’s a bit of rain heading Boulder way.
I sure hope it helps. :flower

Latest I know of is that George left his home with only the clothes on his back and his dog.
He could probably could use clothing donations.
I know he does have temporary shelter for the time.

I believe that rain is falling near the fire now but is paired with gusty winds.

Best of wishes to those with homes and especially the Firefighters on scene.

Any idea on approximate size for clothing for George? I may be able to help.

A good resource for giving help and getting help:

Just saw this story in the Denver Post that describes to some degree George’s experience. It sounds absolutely terrifying.

I also figured out who George is. My clothes are all probably too big for him as but I bet I can find some stuff from friend’s and coworkers if there is need. I suspect that festivarians in general would be eager to help. Just tell us how.

Im an able bodied young man. Im willing to help in whatever ways possible.

Let’s hope the fire doesn’t get into town. :eek
There’s a possibility of evacuations west of Broadway.

Word is some evacuations are now underway…

You can listen to the Boulder County Fire Air Operations Live Audio Feed → HERE <—

Fire Rim and Possible evacuation zone map —> HERE <—


This article provides a good summary of the latest ( I live in the Boulder area north of Spruce, west of Broadway and will be up all night as you can imagine)

Modified at 9:17pm - still trying to find the latest update based on the 8pm news conference. The above link could be a little dated though the Denver Post website said it was at 8:15pm tonight.

We’re up with you Billy.

Love Ya Man!
Auntie Hope

Thanks, Hope!!!

Here’s the latest from the Daily Camera - the winds are CRAZY here.