Bohn Park campground pickers

So being late in the game I ended up with only a Bohn Park campground pass, wondering how many others will be stationed out in the boonies as well, hoping to find/create some campground jams there to minimize the hauling of precious instruments, I play guitar and may have a dobro tucked away safely in the truck just in case, anyone else in?

The Auell boys are up for some good pickin’. We stay here every year and there are always some good jams. Look for a white F350 with a camper and maybe a 1973 Mitchell RV on a green 1 ton Chevy truck frame if I can get my hands on a RV pass…

Whoop! Whoop! I don’t play any instruments anymore, trumpet in high school, but I will be looking for the jams in the campgrounds. Bohn is my camping spot too, gettin there late thursday night. Can’t wait to party with everyone!!! :cheers

Sounds good. I’ll be gettin in around 5 Thursday, and will be ready to rock, see ya’ll there!