Blugrass Album Band

Here’s one especially for Lalagay. :flower

When Tony Rice could still sing…

There’s a lot more on that page as well. :thumbsup

Thanks Tom :flower

I love this number! I recognize everyone but the mandolin player, who is he?

I love this version, which isn’t far off from the TBF House Band :slight_smile:

Doyle Lawson.


Thanks Tom… Miss his voice. He has a great sound… think he will ever sing again? He would be an excellent mentor for traditionanl bluegrass.

According to his wife, with the infliction he has he can only speak normally or sing in his sleep. It would be a medical miracle but we can all hope. :flower

I listened to Manzanita by the Tony Rice Unit a few days ago. It was recorded in 1978. It sure sounds new. the picture on the back reminds me that time has gone by.

I LOVE Manzanita, one of my favorite Tony Rice albums. It is surprising how old it is, he was definitely pioneering a new bluegrass sound back then…

I love the fact that Tony still sings in his sleep! Whenever I see him play live, he plays so beautifully, and these other singers take the lead for him on his trademark songs, like Old Train, or Church Street Blues, it’s awesome but at the same time so sad :frowning: I feel for him and how much he must miss it!
Well, I miss him singing in any case!

Timeless…and yeah I miss him singin. He had a great traditional sound,authentic. He does play that guitar with fire however and it’s good to see him again at fest! :wave Lala :wave