Bluegrass for Grand Junction

Lucky devils.
Packway Handle is at the spotlight lounge August 2nd.
They were runners up 3 yrs in a row at the Fest, opened for the Waywords at the moon on Thursday night. I’d be there for sure if I still lived there.

Yeah, we get to open for them. Thanks to Johnny Steele for bringing quality entertainment to the Valley!

Pete (for Stray Grass)

Hey, thanks for the info, Roach. I’m THERE. :flower :flower

Did you make it to PHB, Daniela? :8

How was it?

Uhhhhhh, sorry? :huh

It’s not till the 2nd Dustin, and I know this because I am the street team for them now that Doug is gone.

Caught Stray Grass last night at Oscar Blues, great set list! Lot’s of classics (Tim O, Rowan, Bush, Dylan, etc.) mixed in with their own music. Then they drove back to Junction after the show! Way to go, guys!

Oh did you like them? They are my favorite local band ever in the history of the world! :flower :flower :flower

Roach, are you going to Four Corners? :flower :flower