Bluegrass and FaceBook

how come Im always the last to know !!???
:lol :lol :lol

…Know what?? :huh

~ Apparently you’re not the last to know, lol!!!
:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

You mean you didn’t get the memo? :eek :wink:

Whats facebook ? :huh

A place on the web to advertise yourself, meet people, etc. I really don’t know, all I do is is work on my laptop, don’t use it for fun much… But I like this forum and the folks here…
The web is a bit scarry, never know what the other side is thinking… :flower

It’s like myspace, a social networking site. Kind of a souped up email address where you post personal information and pictures to share with your friends.

Ah I forgot you dont get irony :lol :lol

Did ya say you were gonna do some ironing?

I Thought he was talking bout some kind of iron sided boat that he could sail across the pond in… They tried it before and we sank that one too :lol :lol :lol


You sunk our Battleship!!! :eek

we fired our guns and the British kept a coming !!!

See now, that’s the kind of talk that’ll rile the small but vocal Brit contingent. Unless they use irony again ;):lol

Maybe the Yanks were holding their guns to wrong way round, so we would keep a comin’

There’s no need for that! :rolleyes

“There wassnt as many as there was a while ago”

Ah! Quite prescient that part.

There’s always next year of course :slight_smile:

I signed up today and glad to see you there Auntie Hope and Adam your Uncle Ed as well… I am a bit concerned about all the personal info so I kinda stopped short and didn’t finish…
Should I be concerned about putting sooooo much personal info out there in the world of web or am I just being wierd???