Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival

Looks like a great festival this weekend just outside of Spokane. The Seldom Scene and the Infamous Stringdusters amongst many others. Any other festivarians going? :wave


How was the festival? I was out b-day festivating last night so I couldn’t make the chat room to hear all about it. Hope it was a blast! :cheers


This was our first time to this festy, so we pitched our tent in a nice shady spot with our 5 & 6 year olds. Met some nice people from Canada, hung with them for a while, then went to see the tunes Friday night. Came back and realized we were almost next door to the main jam camp, so I jammed for a couple hours, went back to the tent, an laid awake for the next 3 or 4 until the music was over, along with the rest of my family. During this time, one of our drunken neighbors decided to relieve himself right next to our tent ( right next to our heads.)

In the morning, we packed up, headed out, found a nice state park with a 180 ft waterfall, set up again, then watched the Perseid meteor shower.

Had to miss the Stringdusters and the rest of the weekend’s music, but the meteors were excellent.

Hackensaw Boys this weekend, though. No camping and, hopefully, no nearby urination! :wink:

Well Doc Mike, That is such a sad story about camping at the festival! Too bad, especially with the family there. Great choice to go to a beautiful spot and to make the most of the weekend!
We too watched the Persiods, our friends gathered on our land in South Park and one couple brought what they call the “mini hubble” and we saw the meteors and nebulas and things, very cool!