Blue Ox 2019

Any of you lovely festivarians making it to Blue Ox the weekend before Telluride? I know Mark J is a regular at Blue Ox, any others?


Fersure, this year there will be. For our crew (Potluck String Band) Mpls, it’s quite impossible to do both in the same year. (it’s the same wknd PSB style)
This year we’ll be @ Blue Ox5! (BOx2 only other one, so far-fun & stormy!)
Our PSB, Telluride Town Park inspired, campound will be @ Blue Ox hosting nightlight campground “picks”, and some special daylight 'clinics", w/guest appearances.
Quite sure you’ll be able to find us. Stop by and do some Festivaaaal! with us. CYA there!

p.s. And yes, it’s hard to miss the TBF46 pilgrimage, and all the friends (Sugar & Hooch, too), and fun in Town Park, but hey hey Blue OX!
It’s all good. You coming to Boats and …?

Sweet Scott!!

Thanks Mark! It’ll be a fun week fersure! :burn

I really need to check out Boats and Bluegrass one of these years. I have a big work project that weekend which may make it tough but I hope to stumble across your camp at the Blue Ox! I hope this year is as good as the last 4, but better weather than those first few!