BLIND Kentucky musician looking to get into the Summer NAMM Fest. Can you Help?

I know this may be considered SPAM but we are really trying to get Brian to Nashville and be recognized for his talents. This contest helps us do so… I apologize for any disrespect but he plays bluegrass music and teachs it as well, so what better place to post? Thank you for your time.

Help BLIND musician Brian Allen get to NASHVILLE.

You may have to go through a few videos before you get to ours. Vote SAME on all other videos. Once you get to the video “PLAY BECAUSE YOU CAN” by Feathered Italian Films click the “BEST BY FAR” tab (or however you choose to vote) above our video to VOTE.

VIDEO: Feathered Italian Films founder TJ Moreschi sit’s down with BLIND singer, song writer and music teacher Brian Allen in Louisville Ky’s First Quality Music. A proud memeber of NAMM. We ask Brian what makes him “Wanna Play”.

WINNER: If we win this competition Brian will get the chance to go to the summer NAMM show in Nashville, TENN! There he would be able to meet some of his musical inspirations and perhaps be able to inspire future generations of musicians.

To us Brian is an INSPIRATION. Being able to showcase his talent and strength was an honor for us. Brian has motivated us to move forward no matter how hard life can get. As Brian told us “If you wanna play… PLAY.”

Thank you all.
Jason, TJ and The FIF Crew.