Blackhawks meetup

Who wants to take a bluegrass timeout and check out the Blackhawks game on Saturday at 6? Where’s a good place to watch in town?

Go Hawks!

Let’s go Wild!!

Hell yes.

So long as I’m back in time for the Sam Bush Band. I have no idea who the hell Feist is.

Feist is what they refer to as an hour and a half piss break.

are bruins fans invited? :evil

Yes but you have to pay for everything and then afterwards we will pee on you.

Sure! You can come watch the Hawks clinch it with us!

thats a bold prediction, from what I have seen this series seems to be hanging on the bounce of a puck each game.

you guys take 2 at the garden i will be impressed.

anyway I know it will be fun!!!

LET’S GO HAWKS!!! I’m up for a meetup, someone bring a projector and a screen and we could have ourselves a Blackhawks watching party in town somewhere.

I know, but everyone said they couldnt do it in Detroit either. It will be fun! We need to find a place to watch!

Brown Dog Pizza will have the games on with sound. Lots of Bruins fans will be there - watched the run a couple of years back there. Good times.

it looks like saturdays game may just be a clincha :cheers :thumbsup :wave :lol :eek :clap :hop :rock :pickin :pipe2


See ya’ll at the Brown Dog! Man I wanna crush the dancy banana! :mad

Are you going to be there for tomorrows game?


I wish, I’ll be driving, arriving Thurs morn.

Thanks to all the Hawks fans at the Brown Dog last Saturday and great clincher yesterday!!