Bit Hard by Telluride

Well to start off let me say that this years Telluride Bluegrass Festival was awesome. Last year was my first experience at the festival, and I didn’t expect anything special. But by the last day of the festival knowing that it was going to be over was one of the sadist moments in my life. As I made my way back to Durango to catch my plane I bought a mandolin, wanting to learn Bluegrass and just develop a good flow for the instrument in the bluegrass genre.

Over the past year i’ve realized that can’t stick with just writing bluegrass music. All though I love it to death there’s just something that keeps me ticking to try and just write music that comes from my heart and not try to just do one thing. I just change gears like a 5 speed, lol. That’s just the way I’m wired I guess. So after my first Telluride experience I was transformed hard core and challenged musically beyond anything I’ve ever heard in side my big fat mellon.

I’ve been producing electronic music for about 5 years, and djing around the U.S. for about 10. I’ve have several releases under my belt by the name “Rhythm Mechanic”. Well as much as I love electronic dance music (EDM), I needed change, and I mean a BIG CHANGE. So by the time I got to the festival in 08 and heard what I heard, it was like I was alive again. The sound of all that music hit me so hard, and the scenery was like something from heaven. I had so many song ideas, and different ways to go about doing music in my head I felt like I could play anything.

So to make a long story short…The links below are a project that I’ve started called “Bumper Car Galaxy”. As of now every song I’ve done by myself in my studio here at home in SC. From drums, bass, guitar, congs, micro korg, and programing. I do however on the tune “Travel On” have a friend of mine Cory Clark on banjo.

I call this music “Spacegrass”. It just has a huge atmospheric sound to it. I’m chasing after the sound you hear from the festival in telluride at night. When your looking up at the stars, and hear the sounds of the festival bouncing off those rockies. I really really hope you guys enjoy this music. Any critiquing would be sweet, as well as your thoughts. I owe every one involved with Planet Bluegrass, and every one who attends the festival as well a huge thank you. Just for being there and being a part of something that changed my life. THANKS!