That’s right, folks! You heard it here first… today is BillyBerus’s birthday!

And here is how the birthday boy spent his weekend…

He placed second in a David Lee Roth look-a-like contest…
(David Lee Roth placed first.)

He was awarded a guest spot in the upcoming reunion tour replacing Michael Anthony.

Alex was suspicious of the Beru-dude…. he didn’t think he was quite right in the head.

His suspicions were confirmed when…

He was found in Roth’s dressing room indulging in his fishnet-fetish.

Since being stripped of the ‘prize’, he decided to pursue his Kaufman-like-dream of midget wrestling…

He landed the “got midgets?” corporate sponsorship until…


He decided to head for the West coast to pursue his alternate dream of being a fishnet model.

Then the unexpected happened…

He met the love of his life, DT-woman. (DukTape Woman to the newbies out there.)

Will the romance stay alive?
Will DTM steal her away?
Will his modeling career take off?
Will he ever win the World Midget Wrestling Heavyweight Title?


I am without speech…

Morning coffee…meet monitor.

That was friggin hilarious.

Happy B-day man! :thumbsup

Absolutely hysterical!!! :rollin

I guess there are quite a few more things I don’t know about you and guessing by these recent revelations…I don’t want to know about them.

Happy Birthday, my brother. :cheers

Speaking of which, let’s hope Mark isn’t drinking his coffee, too.
He’s gone through three monitors now…

Happy Birthday Billy. :cake

Speaking of which, let’s hope Mark isn’t drinking his coffee, too.
He’s gone through three monitors now…
FOUR :lol

Happy Birthday Billy :cheers

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Jen, you are too much! :thumbsup

Happy Birthday, Billy

oh wait… is someone trying to make me think BillyBeru is real just because he has a birthday. Well, you will never convince me. If he were real, I would have met him at Telluride.

Try again.


okay… I was joking. Happy Birthday, Billy!

He’s REAL all right! He and Punchy showed up at Run-A-Muck wanting to know if anyone needed a hot shower. Mitch and I didn’t hesitate for a second!

Happy Birthday Billy! :cake

Oh, and Michael… got Bluegrass? :band

Auntie Hope :pickin

Happy Birthday, Billy!! Jen, you are PRICELESS!!! :flower :flower :flower

Huh…I leave for a week and look what happens. Our little Billy is all grown up now!

:thumbsup Happy Birthday to BillyBeru…He’s a Leo too! :thumbsup

<------ poet and don’t even know it!