Biking to/from festival to Lawson Hill

Hey everyone,

This year will be my first at Telluride and I’m incredibly excited! I had some questions about biking that some of you more experienced fest goers may be able to answer. I’m camping at Lawson Hill and was considering bringing my bike to get to and from the festival and Lawson Hill campground since there is suppose to be a bike path that goes straight into town. Has anyone done this before or have any advice? Will it be a problem trying to bike back to Lawson hill at 2am-ish after Nightgrass shows? Also, does the festival and/or town have adequate places to lock bikes up? Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated!

Its 4 miles, and it is a NICE bike path. Your ability to ride home after nightgrass will depend entirely on you. I know that I couldn’t do it. You can always hop a shuttle though! I also have a high school pass you can have (private message me). Its closer but no alcohol or noise.

I left my bike and chairs in town, unlocked, for 3 days in 2010. No problem. Festivarians are the best crowd on the planet.

While I wouldn’t suggest leaving bike unlocked in town, YYMV. It will be full moon waxing and it is a nice ride. Of course a good light would be recommended and there will foot traffic.

Thanks for the advice!