Bike Ride from Boulder to Rockygrass (with gear transport) 2008!

Hello everybody,

In line with Planet Bluegrass’ Sustainable Festivation concept, Bluegrass By Bike has been organizing riders to bicycle to the Planet Bluegrass events. Rockygrass is a great venue for this effort because of its accessibility to riders from the front range. It can be difficult to find a good time for everybody to ride together, so even if you cant join the group, let us know your plans. I am planning on an early Thursday morning ride arriving to Planet Bluegrass for the opening of onsite camping. If we get a group together it would be easy to organize some gear transportation as well. Lets get a discussion about this going and then we can draw up some concrete details soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the car behind and still have all you normal gear at the feat waiting for you?

Keep clean, keep it green,

I will be biking down from Fort Collins again this year. If anyone feels like joining me then PM me. I will be leaving sometime Thursday morning. I’m pretty flexible with times. I probably have friends who can transport your gear too.


One more thing…even if you aren’t bike commuting to the festival, look out for the new and improved bicycle corral this year on your way in to the festival. There are always a bunch of bikes there for riding to and from the campgrounds etc, and this should keep things more organized we thought. Please use the racks as opposed to anywhere you can lock up.

Peace, Love & Bikes