:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup HERRRRRRRRRRRRE we go !!! :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
I have 15 inches and it is coming down in buckets… WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO snow day… :thumbsup

Ummmmm…being from the desert…I am absolutely fascinated with the snow! brrrrrrrrr

Banana nut bread will be baking today! I will post some pictures in a bit

Our high was 78 just last Sunday!!! Crazy!

:wave Any passers by wanna borrow our festival chairs??? Seems they are open!!! :wave

My first blizzard…oh my!

HA! I saw the post in the “last posts” section and was hoping for a picture once I got here . . . . that’s freakin’ hilarious! how’s the first blizzid treatin’ ya connie???

we only got 2 inches this morning and it was gone by 10 am …
Had a Nice Hot Tub Soak …lol

Well…I shoveled the snow off our deck yesterday…the FIRST time I have ever shoveled snow for a purpose! :strong

Only once before in Vegas, many years ago, up on the mtn. I decided it would be fun to fill the bed of my friends big ol longbed truck with snow…all fun until you have to shovel it out when it’s gotten all packed and heavy!!! :huh

Thought you guys might get a kick out of these:

:wave Nice shots Dustin!!! Who’s pup is that?? That’s a great shot of the water tower…
Ground blizzards up here today…

:flower Think Spring :flower

My pup.

…it’s a grain silo. :wink:

I know I was checkin to see if you knew… ahhh :lol after I posted that I thought I might be incorrect… How long ago was PBG Ranch a working ranch?

Here’s a shot of the deck after shoveling…and one of Seamus on the doorstep!

Cute pup Dustin! We had about 4" here last night, going to Tride tomorrow for more skiing! I hope it snows a LOT more for the last week. Crested Butte’s been getting dumped on the last few days, Aspen’s gotten some too. I wish ski season was at least another few weeks, but most areas down here are closing in the 5th.

Oh my gosh! It’s…it’s…Dippin’ Dots comin’ outta tha sky! Well…maybe it’s that snow they were talkin’ about???
Looks like Dippin’ Dots to me! Dippin’ Dots or styrofoam balls/bean bag stuffing?

White out outside and thanks to you folks at the planet I am laughing and smileing … I am so longing for june and to see all those beautiful familiar faces once again… :flower

Totally snowed in and will finally order my condo/tent :lol :medal

ROUND TWO. Getting ready for a dump of 2 feet or more today and I’m ready!!! Gonna set up my tent inside today (for RGA) if I can find the space :rolleyes :lol just to check it out. Hotdog Maynard SNOW DAY!!! :medal

:wave Getting slamed today and my Elec. keeps going out. 70 on Tuesday in the valley below. Gotta love it…

however I missed Michelle last night at the Wildflower…she is so fun … bummer. :flower

Wow… That is a frosty 12 pack hopfully it won’t get that cold in Tride :cheers
No snow here in the western slope… spring maybe finally here…

The view outside the window at my desk…brrrrrr but beautiful!