Bicycles in Telluride!

As most of you probably already know, bringing a bicycle to Telluride is a must. It is a great small town to explore with miles to explore while spending time there. A group of us from Boulder have been bicycle touring to Telluride and other Planet Bluegrass events and would like to continue to bike lovin’ fun again in 2008…even more! If you want to join us and bike in from Boulder, or anywhere, lets start talking. We are also planning to have a bicycle parade through town before the festival (wed. or thurs). Go to the free box, get a crazy outfit and bikle around town with a bunch of festivarians and locals for fun. So, weather you want to join the bike tour to the fest, or think about some crazy bike fun we con have in Telluride, lets start a dialogue here. Take care from all of us at Bluegrass by Bike, its gonna be ragin’.


The ride from Boulder to Telluride sounds quite intriguing…post more details for those that might be considering taking on this adventure. That way once we have the details we can ask specific questions, which will hopefully stir up more interest.


Thanks for the response. We had a great route last year of around 350 miles from Boulder to Telluride. Also, it was all of our first major bike tours, which went great. our website- - is still in “last year” mode and would be a good place to begin looking at what the trip will be like. There is a link to photos, and scroll down to read the blogs from the road to and from Telluride. We will soon be putting more concrete details together, it is great to get responses from interested folks so we can get a better idea of what to plan for.

:horsey —Saddle Up!!!