BEWARE OF SCAMMERS - Folks Fest Tickets

As will happen with any in-demand commodity, scammers are about. While Festivarians are a trustworthy group, this forum is open to the public and anyone can swoop in and try to take advantage of our good nature.

Check out this information from PB on how to safely transfer tickets.

Update for 2024: Planet Bluegrass has worked with SeeTickets to streamline the transfer process and to make it safer for all involved. Please see the above link for updated instructions.

Please take caution in buying tickets. If someone refuses to follow the process outlined above, it’s probably a scam. Click here to reach out to the moderators (click “Message” @ top right) if something seems fishy or if you encounter a scammer. We work very hard to catch scammers proactively but reports of suspicious activity can hasten our efforts.