Best Telluride Hike?

Any recommendations on which would be the best hike from Telluride. I pulled these trails off the Telluride web page, was curious if anyone had any suggestions. I’ve heard Bridal Veil Falls is the one to take. Anyone pass some info this way? :thumbsup :slight_smile:

Bear Creek Canyon
Cornet Falls
Jud Wiebe Trail
San Miguel River Trail
Lake Hope
Woods Lake
Bridal Veil Falls


If I had to pick just one I would definately pick Bridal Veil. My second favorite is the Jud Wiebe

Did the Jud Wiebe last year and it was a real nice trail. Views over town were stellar

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Are you sure that is a wise idea? :festival


High clearance vehicles can drive up to Bridal Veil so that makes it less of a remote experience than other trails, but still cool to see. Bear Creek Canyon (my favorite) goes right behind the stage of the festival grounds (and can also be accessed via spur from Town Park) and is really pretty. A bit of an uphill grind, but that just means it’s all downhill on the way back.

I am with Mark on this one… but vice versa. I am partial to the Jud Wiebe trail first. You’re not dodging SUVs on the trail. :eek

Gonna put Bridal Vail on my list fer sure this time round. Never have enough time to do anything but festivate.
But this time round I’m making sure it’s gonna be different
gonna make time to fish and hike before the festival.

Wow, a real vacation, and at times I will be one with my lawn chair, nothing to do but listen to music, wow.

if’n you’re going to have more time in your plan than just festival time, then hit Lake Hope, it’s beautiful up there and a nice vigorous hike. the others are doable while in town. take the time to get out of town and look around.

My favorite hike is from Camp Run-A-Muck to Camp Duk Tape and back. Nice views, no cars and plenty of refreshments along the way, too. :cheers

Wow! That’s quite a trek! Stay hydrated. :drunk

You pass the bathroom on that route, right? :giggle

Gee, mine is from Run-A-Muck to Fishbone and back! :lol
A little farther, but well worth it. :cheers

Just where is this “Lake Hope”? Tell me more! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Actually, Tom, Camp Duk Tape is out in the Primitive Area (how ironic since duk tape is anything BUT primitive), so my hike provides more cardiovascular benefits than the shorter stroll to Fishbone. But both hikes are equally scenic and refreshing, with excellent company along the way. And neither hike gets you out of breath unless you’re walking, talking and smoking a cigarette at the same time (which practically amounts to something like a Festival Triathlon).

You might be confusing Camp Duk Tape with Camp Totally Lit, which is understandable, since Duk Tape Man spends a good bit of time at Totally Lit, but his real home is in the primitive area.