Best route to get to Telluride

We are going to be in UT the week prior and were planning on making our way to Telluride by way of Grand Junction. However, we are now considering the southern route Moab to Cortez then to Telluride. Any advice on which is a better route / road conditions, traffic, scenery?

The road from Moab south around the LaSalle mountains through LaSalle and Norwood is a nice scenic drive. For part of it the drive is pretty winding as you decend but mostly it is good two lane highway through unpopulated beautiful country. No reason to go through Cortez though unless you want to.

From Moab, take Hwy 46 through LaSalle to Hwy 90 (number changes at the state line) and then go to Hwy 145 to Norwood and on to T-Ride. It is a nice drive.

It is probably a little faster to go through GJ, Montrose etc but the back way is a lot nicer.

Be sure to take the cutoff that follows the Colrado river from wets of Junction to Moab. The drive the Paradox Valley is wonderful, do make sure you come through in the daytime. There are suicidal rabbits on that road at night. I can tell you the story when we meet up in Town Park. This one is some of the finest red rock desert around.

The drive from Cortez is equally amazing as you go over Lizard head pass and descend down into the Telluride area. Thhis is true “Rocky Mt high”

Either drive is wonderful - you should consider coming in one way and out the other.

:cheers :cheers

I totally agree with bodegahwy. From Moab, take the 46 to 90 to 145 route. I have done it several times on my motorcycle. It is an awesome ride.

I’m finding that it’s any road that will get you to Telluride safely and securely! :thumbsup

Hope Lin :pickin (who just happens to be on the road!)