Best Jamming in years in Town Park

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to say hi to all the pickers that came over to the primitive area pickin tent in Town Park every night to jam this year. We all had a blast.

The Porta Party Band
(A blender of Riverbend + Moonshiner bluegrass bands, out of Boulder)

Hope to see you all next year!

P.S. Keep the Anawhack alive :slight_smile:

Are you the same Porta-Potty band that I grabbed from in front of the green rooms by the waterfall and drug you over to the Tiki Bar in the middle of the night?

xoxo R

They came by my camp late one night, played two songs, and boogied. :eek
Last I heard they were heading out into the field towards the stage then disappeared. :lol

Yep! same crew… Rarely seen during daylight hours, and a danger to anyone sleeping at night :slight_smile:

The essence of the Porta Party. Roam and Jam, Jam and Roam :).

Apparently, the guys in the golf carts guarding the festi grounds didn’t want us in there. We played nice and went back into the campground. Next year, we’ll have to poach the stage!

Hey Monkey Girl - someone was taping when you were there. Any idea how to get a hold of that?

They were a bit like Utah Phillips’ “My God, that’s moose turd pie… it’s good though” :lol

That was Dwayne from Tiki Bar. I’ll PM you their email address.

xoxo Rhonny

I haven’t come across that tape yet, but I’m sure I will. I ended up taping about 45 hours of music at the Tiki Bar. :eek

I’ll keep y’all posted on my progress getting things onto cd.


Yes, the jams were much better this year and it is so great to see this! :concert
I have been disappointed going around at night and not hearing much at all in the past few years.
We camp near the Mash tent and there have been dark nights in there even! What’s up with that??? :huh
I am thinking that there are some festivarians getting O-L-D???
Well, all was restored this year, thank you for that all of you musicians that were playing!
Of course, there is ALWAYS one group that maybe should not play… or rather the playing was not so bad but the SINGING was to die for… very literally! A young man on the SW portion of the Preserve camping has a song that he brags during the day about singing in the wee hours of the mornings, and each festival night he belts out this ah-to-be-so-proud “song” This song expresses the songwriting talent of this young man, it consists of one, and only one word, the F— word that rhymes with duck!
How lovely it is to be awaken by this song being loudly bellowed out into the peaceful night as most camps are sleeping with everyone tucked away in thier tents along with the children. How awful it is to have to explain to the kids that they are hearing the duck song and that is what woke them up! We all could do with out this groups’ singing year after year for sure! :mad
Don’t get me wrong, I certainly love to go to sleep to some nice jam music, there is nothing better… the operative word here is “nice”. Swear words as a body of a song just don’t do it for me!
Enough on that.
I certainly did enjoy the Tuesday afternoon Tiki jam and again, thank all of you musicians that entertain us! :band

Hey Todd. We were camped across from you and I just wanted to say thanks for offerin this very novice beginning picker a few pointers.

Hey man! You’re welcome… hopefully it did some good. Learn that stuff and you’ll be rockin’ with all of us next year!

Haha… I know the song you’re talking about! Is it “God Will Fuck You Up”? LOL… It’s by the famous Rickdickulious. Maybe not family friendly, but if you are ever fortunate enough to be around it without the kids there, take a closer listen. Some good lessons to be heard deep inside the verses :lol

Todd you are really sounding great for a banjo player. Thanks to you and the rest of you porta john guys for the good times. I enjoyed playing with you!

LOL :lol, for a banjo player… love it! Good playing with you too. We had a blast.

Hey Todd,

Great listening to all of you guys this year and last. The PortaPotty Band was awesome!

For the record I don’t think it was Rick - For Once! There was some one else further into the primative area this year that put the Ricker to shame!

There was a bit of picking in Town Park eight years ago too.
Here’s a Youtube example. :flower
They even caught me singing. :eek

Oh Geez Tom !

That was a good year Tom! We gotta get Joe back to Telluride. And Ron correct me if I’m wrong but do we not see the birth of the suggestion that will become the notorious red throng incident right here and caught on tape?! Look how bashful you look! :wink:

I guess your right hon
But the one thing I noticed is Damn I was FAT !
not that i dont like a little meat with my tators !
Thanks to The Ex Boston Bob its now caught in infamy
Im so ashamed I had the Mullet back then …