Best Camping near Boulder?

My family, who is supposed to board Mika the Wonderdog during festival, has decided to go on vacation during that time. They are going to be looking for a Dog friendly campground within a short drive of Boulder. I suggested Nederland but haven’t been back to the family property in Eldora since we sold it in 1980 something. They will be centering their activities around Boulder.

So can you help me suggest a good, dog friendly, camp area for tent trailers in that area? County, forest service, or primitve camp suggestions are as welcome as the high end resort types.

I’ll forward your replies on to my Dad…

Thanks in advance

Mika told me to reply, she is an Alpha dog after all…

Here is her pic:

The Peaceful Valley campground just below Ward is the only one around here I can think of that fits that description.

I just don’t get out much with trailers/ campers…so I don’t have any expertise in this field.

I have started a few backpacking trips from the Peaceful Valley/ Camp Dick campground, though…should be exactly what they are looking for.

Here’s a link about the trails and how to get there.

Hey there Dustin… constantly being on the “scout” for cool places to hike and paint, I checked out your link. The story neck to it in the “most emailed stories” box is hilarious:

The headline reads:

“Men simultaneously Tase each other on Uni Hill.”

Now THAT’s funny… I don’t care who you are!

xo Rhonny

I’ll second Dustin’s recommendation of Peaceful Valley/Camp Dick.
In addition, with the St. Vrain river that runs through…your pet
can always get cooled off.

Magnolia West campground is nice. It is a little south of Nederland and has extensive camp sites, some ponds, and some trails with beautiful views of the Continental Divide. I was hiking up there last weekend and There is pretty much no snow left :thumbsup

:wave Golden Gate State Park, it’s about 45 minutes to Boulder, Take HWY 93 to 72W and follow the signs. I live above it and is always full so call and reserve a spot. This is next to White Ranch.

It’s just askip to Gross Res. just down 72W (between Golden and Boulder)a tad from the camping for all your nonmotor boating and fishing needs(great fishing at the inlet at the top ;),no swimming and I think you can camp there as well, but not positive on that one.

Hope this is helpfull :flower